Emiratisation in the UAE: Prevent a penalty of AED 42.000 for each unemployed citizen

Emiratisation in the UAE: Prevent a penalty of AED 42.000 for each unemployed citizen

Emiratisation: Shaping the UAE’s Future Through Employment and Professional Development of Emiratis

Emiratisation, also known as the UAE’s nationalization program, is a visionary initiative aimed at promoting the employment and professional development of Emiratis within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Embracing Emiratisation is an integral part of the country’s long-term strategy to create a diversified and sustainable economy, strengthen national identity, and foster social cohesion. This text explores the significance of Emiratisation, its objectives, key initiatives, and the positive impact it has had on both Emirati individuals and the nation.

Empowering UAE Citizens to Boost Economic Growth and Innovation

The primary goal of Emiratisation is to increase the participation of Emiratis in the public and private sectors, reducing the country’s reliance on foreign labour. By empowering Emirati citizens to take on key roles in various industries, the UAE aims to create a skilled and knowledgeable workforce capable of driving economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development. Emiratisation seeks to provide Emiratis with equal opportunities, training, and development to excel in their chosen professions.

UAE’s MoHRE Extends Deadline for Private Sector Emiratisation Targets, Fines Await Non-Compliance

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) in the UAE has extended the deadline for private sector companies to meet their semi-annual Emiratisation targets. The new deadline is July 7, considering the Eid Al Adha holiday, which will provide more time for companies to reach their targets. Companies are required to add 2% Emiratis to their workforce annually until 2026. The original deadline for 3% Emirati employees has been pushed to July 7. Non-compliant companies will face a fine of AED 42.000 for each Emirati not employed starting from July 8. The fines will increase annually until 2026. Emiratisation aims to enhance the role and competitiveness of UAE nationals in the labor market and promote their active participation in the country’s economic development. The MoHRE encourages companies to take advantage of the extended deadline to meet their targets and avoid penalties.


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