Saudi Crown Prince Launches The Master Plan for Logistics Centers

Saudi Crown Prince Launches The Master Plan for Logistics Centers

Saudi Arabia´s Vision 2030 – The transformative initiative aiming at reducing the country´s dependence on oil revenues and diversifying its economy.

One of the key components of the vision 2030 is the development of logistics centers, strategically positioning Saudi Arabia as a logistics hub in the Middle East.

Logistics: The Backbone of Economic Transformation

Saudi Arabia´s geographic location at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa makes it an ideal candidate to become a logistics hub. The nation´s leadership has committed substantial resources to develop world-class logistics infrastructure, services, and capabilities.

Infrastructure Investments

Vision 2030 allocates significant funding for modernizing logistics infrastructure, including airports, seaports, roads, and railways. These investments are essential for connecting Saudi Arabia to global markets efficiently.

Logistics Centers

The Master Plan for Logistics Centers outlines the establishment of 59 centers, covering a total area exceeding 100 million square meters. These centers are strategically distributed across the kingdom, with 21 already in various stages of development. The goal is to have all of them operational by 2030.

Supporting Local Industries

The Logistics Centers are designed to enhance the efficiency of local industries, enabling them to export Saudi products more effectively. The centers will also support e-commerce by facilitating rapid connections between logistics hubs and distribution centers while ensuring high traceability.

Streamlined Licensing

The logistics centers will streamline the licensing process for logistics activities. This particularly significant following the introduction of the unified logistics license, which encompasses more than 1.500 logistics companies, both local and international.

Digital Integration

Saudi Arabia is actively embracing cutting-edge technology such as IoT, AI, and blockchain to improve logistics efficiency, tracking, and transparency. The Fasah initiative, an integrated e-system within Saudi customs developed in cooperation with relevant government agencies, is a testament to the country´s commitment to digital transformation in logistics.


The master plan for logistics, as part of Vision 2023, represents a pivotal step towards economic diversification and reducing its reliance on oil. As the Middle East´s logistics hub, Saudi Arabia is on course to reshape the landscape of trade and commerce in the region.


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