Saudi Arabia Will Allow Foreign Law Firms to Consult on KSA Law

Saudi Arabia Will Allow Foreign Law Firms to Consult on KSA Law

Saudi Arabia is poised to redefine its legal landscape by embracing the expertise of foreign law firms in offering consultancy services related to Saudi laws. These significant changes are part of the Kingdom’s broader efforts to foster international collaboration and promote economic growth.

The Past

Until recently, the presence and activities of foreign law firms in Saudi Arabia were subject to strict regulations. They were primarily limited to arbitration, mediation, and specialized projects, focusing on international and non-Saudi laws. Saudi-licensed lawyers primarily drove the legal profession in the Kingdom.

Recent Changes

In 2022, the Council of Ministers issued a decree that marked a significant turning point. It allowed foreign law firms to establish offices in Saudi Arabia under specific conditions and requirements, opening the door to a new era of legal practice.

The New Permit

With the new amendment to the Code of Law Practice, foreign law firms will soon be able to provide invaluable insights into Saudi laws. The intention behind these changes is clear—to further develop legal practices, enhance efficiency, adopt international best practices, and create more job opportunities for citizens. These developments symbolize Saudi Arabia’s commitment to modernize its legal system and embrace international expertise.

What Lies Ahead

The legal profession’s future in Saudi Arabia seems promising. As the Kingdom continues to align its legal system with global standards and foster international collaborations, foreign law firms will play a pivotal role. The amendments to the Code of Law Practice and the introducing of these new permits signal the Kingdom’s intent to provide the business community with access to world-class legal counsel on Saudi laws.

How TME Legal Consultants Can Support Your Business

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