TME Services and TME Legal Consultants at the ETL GLOBAL Conference 2023 in Berlin

TME Services and TME Legal Consultants at the ETL GLOBAL Conference 2023 in Berlin

The ETL GLOBAL Conference 2023, held for 2 days in Berlin this October, was a remarkable event that brought together legal- and tax consultancy professionals from across the globe. With the aim of fostering knowledge sharing, collaboration, and meaningful connections within the ETL GLOBAL Network, the conference provided a unique platform for professionals to deepen their understanding of the global legal and tax landscape.

A Global Assembly

This year’s ETL GLOBAL Conference saw an impressive turnout, with professionals from various corners of the world converging in Berlin. The diversity and breadth of expertise on display highlighted the global reach and significance of the ETL GLOBAL network within the legal- and tax consultancy sector.

At this year´s conference, the focus was on “Managing the Professional Service Firm”, setting the stage for members to showcase and discuss best practices within their respective companies. The conference placed a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and strategies that can be effectively implemented within the professional service firms that shape the ETL GLOBAL network.

TME Legal Consultants were able to celebrate their debut at the conference and had the opportunity to actively participate in the conference by presenting valuable insight into the GCC Legal- and Tax market and how to operate as a firm in the region. Having had the chance to share and contribute knowledge with numerous experienced global acting firms helped us foster our knowledge and expand our valuable ETL GLOBAL network.

How do our clients benefit from our ETL GLOBAL network?

As a matter of fact, most businesses in the region are not only operating in the domestic market but also have business relations with neighboring GCC – or third countries. Each jurisdiction provides specific legal- and tax frameworks that require necessary expertise to guarantee a successful market entry.

Being a member of the ETL GLOBAL network puts TME Services in the position to support its clients across the globe with all their business needs by involving our highly qualified colleagues in the respective jurisdiction.

A Bright Future

As we look ahead, we anticipate a bright future for TME Services and other firms in the ETL GLOBAL network. The commitment to fostering global relationships and deepening the understanding of the legal and tax landscape positions these firms as leaders in their field.

We look forward to the next ETL GLOBAL Conference and are delighted to be able to benefit from the received knowledge and networks to manifest the quality and range of our services to our clients in a rapid and fast-paced global legal and tax landscape.

TME Services – who we are?

TME Services is a team of 45 professionals in legal-, tax-, accounting and compliance with over 18 years of experience. We advised a significant number of SME’s in the context of the implementation of the tax framework in the UAE and KSA over the last decade to make sure that our clients are well-oriented in the new and fast-evolving tax landscape and to reduce the legal liability of managers which may arise in connection with non-compliance.


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