UAE & KSA. Newsletter Update: BRICS Expands with New Members in 2024

UAE & KSA. Newsletter Update: BRICS Expands with New Members in 2024

Continuing our previous article (, we’re excited to provide a more detailed update on the recent expansion of the BRICS alliance.

Effective January 1, 2024, five countries – Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Iran, Egypt, and Ethiopia – have joined BRICS, which is a significant shift in the alliance’s composition. Argentina was initially invited but has decided not to join following a regime change.

The inclusion of the UAE and KSA in BRICS opens unprecedented economic opportunities. Both Gulf nations are already economic powerhouses, and this move will provide them with an enhanced platform for global trade and investment.

The expansion has generated substantial global interest, with nearly 30 countries wanting to join BRICS. Ongoing efforts indicate that six more countries are expected to join the alliance during the upcoming annual summit in Russia.

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Stay tuned for ongoing coverage of this historic BRICS expansion. Revisit our initial analysis for a closer view of the implications and opportunities. As the alliance evolves, we’ll continue to provide insights into the changing landscape of international cooperation and influence.

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