Dubai – Leading Digital Economy Hub

Dubai - Leading Digital Economy Hub

Dubai has once again shown itself as a leader in digital innovation by attracting nine multinational companies in 2023, which together are worth more than AED 304 billion (USD 82.84 billion). This highlights Dubai’s appeal as a place for tech businesses to invest and supports the goals of the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).

Varied Technology Investments Support Business Establishment in UAE

The companies Dubai has attracted are involved in various fields, including cybersecurity, mobility technology, health technologies, new energy vehicles, robotics, and e-commerce. This variety not only shows Dubai’s ability to support a broad range of digital businesses but also highlights its efforts to build a strong digital ecosystem.

The new companies come from Asia, Europe, the USA, and Latin America, showing Dubai’s worldwide appeal and its role as a key hub for digital economic growth.

Strategic Efforts to Advance the Digital Sector

In its pursuit of leading in digital economies, the chamber has started several key programs. One such initiative, ‚Create Apps in Dubai‘, aims to triple the number of app developers by 2025 and help create innovative mobile applications. These efforts not only support local talent but also aim to attract international companies and entrepreneurs, boosting Dubai’s reputation as a prime location for digital businesses.

Improving Business Opportunities with „Business in Dubai“ Platform

The new ‚Business in Dubai‘ platform is designed to help companies start and grow in Dubai by providing institutional services and business matchmaking. This tool is vital for companies looking to thrive in Dubai’s competitive digital economy.

Continued Global Outreach to Attract Businesses to the UAE

The chamber’s ongoing global outreach, including roadshows and business trips in various regions, is crucial in drawing a diverse mix of digital companies to Dubai. These efforts help promote the emirate’s digital economy and support the establishment and growth of multinational companies in the area.

Dubai, through strategic initiatives by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, is becoming a global leader in the digital economy. For companies aiming to start or expand their digital operations, Dubai offers opportunities supported by a favourable business environment, strategic location, and a focus on innovation and growth.


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