A Simple Guide to Understanding Your Rights and Duties with the FTA’s New Taxpayer Charter

A Simple Guide to Understanding Your Rights and Duties with the FTA’s New Taxpayer Charter

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has introduced a Taxpayer Charter that clearly outlines what you can expect from them and what they expect from you. This is a big step toward making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to taxes, aiming to make the process as straightforward and fair as possible.

What Can You Expect from the FTA

Here’s a clear look at the rights that you, as a taxpayer, now have under the new charter:

Fair Treatment: You deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism in every interaction with the FTA.

Clear Rules: The tax laws should be applied the same way for everyone, without any favoritism.

Privacy Matters: Your personal information is safe with the FTA, protected by strong privacy laws.

Understanding Circumstances: If special situations have prevented you from meeting your tax duties, the FTA will take these into account.

Quick Responses: When you reach out to the FTA with questions or needs, they’ll get back to you promptly.

Reliable Information: The FTA promises to give you the accurate info you need to follow tax rules.

Representation: You can have a tax professional or a lawyer speak on your behalf according to the rules.

Appeals: If you disagree with a decision made by the FTA, you have the right to challenge it.

Complaints: You can voice concerns about the FTA’s service without worrying about negative effects on your taxes.

Your Part in the Tax System

The charter doesn’t just list your rights; it also highlights your duties as a taxpayer:

Follow the Rules: It’s important to file your taxes accurately and on time.

Provide Accurate Information: When the FTA asks for information, ensure it’s correct and complete.

Be Cooperative: Work with the FTA openly and respectfully.

Help Prevent Tax Evasion: If you know of tax evasion activities, you’re expected to report them.

How TME Services Can Support You

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