Corporate Restructuring and Tax Harmonized Holding Structures Services

With over 20 years of combined expertise in the region, TME Legal Consultants specializes in assessing the unique needs of each client, whether an individual or corporation, to provide customized advice on market entry or restructuring an existing setup from both legal and tax perspectives.

Key Features of Our Corporate Restructuring and Tax-Harmonized Holding Structures Services:

Our team develops personalized solutions that address both legal and tax implications, specifically tailored to our clients‘ needs.

We carefully assess each client’s individual and corporate situation to provide the most suitable advice on market entry or restructuring.

Our extensive experience in the UAE enables us to understand the local market’s intricacies and offer valuable insights to our clients.

We provide comprehensive advice that encompasses both legal and tax aspects, ensuring our clients receive well-rounded solutions for their business needs.


Our team guides clients through the corporate restructuring process, helping them establish tax harmonized holding structures that align with their business goals.

Partner with us today to leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in UAE Companies Law. Let us help your business thrive in this dynamic market with our tailored solutions and dedicated support.